Prophit MPS = Advanced Inventory Optimisation


Prophit MPS helps your inventory management to identify and execute the optimum inventory and replenishment purchasing and warehousing in order to free up valuable operating capital.

Prophit MPS is an inventory management tool designed to support the S&OP process by simplifying items level management SKU inventory, purchased material inventory and sub assembly inventory.

Prophit MPS enables the precise execution of your Capacity Plans.

  Our unique daily, weekly and monthly views give planners the ability to: Reduce inventory costs by –

  • Optimising inventory schedules and quantities
  • Minimising obsolete and excess inventory
  • Viewing multiple site/warehousing capabilities

Increase Efficiency and Plant Performance by –

  • Generating automatic reorders driven by current trends, sophisticated stock analysis and forecasting
  • Easily identifying equipment parts based on robust equipment hierarchy
  • Synchronising with the latest ASN data
  • Synchronising with the latest Shipping & Supply schedules
  • Reducing entry errors and improving warehouse productivity
  • Weighing lead times and purchasing price when determining stock and order levels
  • Avoiding loss of labour and equipment downtime