Prophit Forecast Manager

Reliable Forecast Accuracy


  Prophit Forecast Manager is designed to improve:

  • Budgeting practices
  • Delivery performance
  • Overall cost of goods sold

Incorporating multiple forecasting methods, Prophit Forecast Manager delivers solutions that accurately prepare teams for future demand.  Our advanced statistical forecasting capabilities ensure that you get the clearest view of potential demand to align production and replenishment planning. Prophit Forecast Manager is designed to make forecasting easy at any level while providing the right information for you to make informed decisions.

What it delivers:


  • 1.  Make forecasting easy at any level of detail
  • 2.  The ability to make forecasting a collaborative, dynamic, simple and timely process
  • 3.  Insights to support the processes that are right for your business.
  • 4.  The right information to manage and continuously improve the forecasting process
  • 5.  A complete SKU demand profile
  • 6.  Easy to translate market information to SKU demand
  • 7.  Collaborative and Multiple data entry points
  • 8.  Full transparency for adjustments
  • 9.  The ability for sales to enter data directly into forecast manager while with a client
  • 10.  Options on inputting marketing information at product family or market segment level – down to SKU level
  • 11.  Ability to trace data entries which are all date and time stamped

Prophit Forecast Manager’s Statistical Difference


You can apply a whole range of statistical methods including Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, Regression Analysis, Double Smoothing, Traditional Naive, Least Squares, Season Trend, Winter’s Three Factor and more. By exposing the forecast graphically, you don’t require a statistics degree to cut a great forecast.