Strategic Alliance Consulting:

Accelerated Improvement Services

 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Consulting


As part of our offering we provide operations and supply chain consulting to clients and companies looking to deliver and accelerate their operation’s profitability.

Our consultants use a three pronged strategy:

  • 1. A thorough analysis of business terrain where we quantify the your opportunities. We then collaborate with you to reach consensus with key stakeholders on which initiatives are required to realise true profit potentials.

  • 2. We execute by example with a hands-on approach. We work with your teams to demonstrate the benefits all agreed initiatives and together we identify and solve the root causes of obstacles. This empowers teams to adopt changes and strive for greater success.

  • 3. We then entrench the changes to ensure they last. By aligning structures, systems and skills across all levels we embed the practices that drove the improvements.

We deliver the following solutions:



  • Developing tactics and action plans for lasting improvement
  • Balanced Scorecard Implementations
  • Pragmatic S&OP support
  • Bottom up budgeting processes



  • “Bottleneck Busting”
  • Lean Principles & Support
  • TPM and reliability maintenance programs
  • SMED & smart changeover programs



  • Operations management coaching
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Re-Engineering