Prophit Progress

Profit focused behaviour


Performance improvement in manufacturing is maximised by the entire operations team understanding which cost opportunities to leverage.

Prophit Progress is an innovative productivity management and process improvement reporting solution. It is designed to identify waste and lost time while simplifying your daily, weekly and monthly reporting requirements.

  Prophit Progress offer unique solutions to:

  • Expedite and improve reporting
  • Streamline information outputs
  • Assist with decision making
  • Deliver insights to identify trends
  • Deliver problem solving solutions in order to meet KPIs

Prophit Progress informs your operations management about shop floor experiences and their financial implications.

What it delivers:

Prophit Progress provides a range of powerful and easy to understand graphical reports that allow for identification and quantification of key problem areas within a manufacturing site.


  • 1.  Reporting to support shift handovers
  • 2.  Support for daily production reviews
  • 3.  Weekly trend analysis and monthly reporting to budget
  • 4.  Ability to diagnose and improve performance
  • 5.  Insights into which issues to prioritise
  • 6.  Identification and quantification of key problems
  • 7.  Cost variance reporting and opportunity cost reporting
  • 8.  Schedule adherence reporting
  • 9.  Overview of projected shortfalls
  • 10.  A solution that is configured to your site’s needs
  • 11.  Time saving and consistent reporting formats