Prophit E-Planner

Profit optimising AP&S solution

We understand that scheduling is at the centre of any manufacturing operation’s ability to execute its business plan.

Prophit E-Planner is a comprehensive tool that delivers a complete picture of how your supply chain is performing and how it can be made to work optimally.

Prophit E-Planner uses the functionality of the latest programming languages to offer unique solutions to:

  • Improve delivery performance
  • Give reliable delivery projections
  • Communicate in a timely manner with sales and customers
  • Increase the length of campaign runs
  • Reduce the number of schedule crashes
  • Reduce labour and overtime costs
  • Reduce inventory levels.

The Prophit E-Planner is designed to offer a solution that saves time and supports your scheduler to make informed decisions. E-Planner then allows instant messaging throughout your organisation to ensure you are equipped to manage demand and expectations.

What it delivers:


  1. Seamless integration with your ERP solution
  2. Automated scheduling algorithms reduce the work content and conflicts of scheduling
  3. Dynamically assessed material requirements; keeping the scheduler informed of material constraints.
  4. Optimal loading of machines with all possible alternative routes considered
  5. Realistic, achievable delivery dates
  6. Full manual override and provide immediate feedback on all implications of schedule changes
  7. Enforcing frozen and firm scheduling windows, with complete schedule adherence reporting
  8. The ability to model labour crewing and tooling constraints to meet production demand
  9. The ability to provide graphical representation of the scheduling horizon for greater insight and understanding
  10. Automated scheduling algorithms that reduce the work content and conflicts of scheduling
  11. Support for supply chain strategies by providing salient management reporting

Prophit E-Planner is one of the few solutions available that provide all of these features as standard within a single AP&S solution. This means you no longer need to compromise between these features to determine which AP&S is right for your operations.