Caretaker Services



We understand that today’s manufacturing environment can throw all sorts of curve balls!

If you find that part of your supply chain team has an empty desk, what do you do? 

Call Prophit Systems.

We have supply chain experts that can take a seat and provide expert short term relief to ensure all your planning processes don’t suffer during the vacancy.


What it delivers:

Prophit Systems Caretaker Services


  • Provide planning and S&OP support on a weekly basis
  • Ensure all process gaps are completed during the week
  • Ensure your delivery commitments are met
  • Workshops and training for utilising Prophit Software for new personnel when they are employed

Essentially, you can sleep easy until you find the right person and you have the confidence to take the time to find the right person, knowing that you are not letting your customers down. This has the further benefit of not creating that rotating door; that is when the wrong person with the wrong training just never seems to work out.

Our services are fully customisable to your particular situation. If this situation is familiar, give us a call to discuss how we can help.