Prophit Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Convert strategy into action


Prophit Rough Cut Capacity Planning (Prophit RCCP) is designed to model all resources and cost drivers to deliver capacity plans quickly and with the least number of assumptions possible.

Prophit RCCP is designed to align your plans with your business strategies and enables your executive team to be fully and easily informed by notoriously time-poor planners.

What it delivers:

Prophit RCCP is designed to be integrated with your existing ERP system. Where capacity constraints are not modelled in your ERP system, Prophit RCCP can be configured to model these constraints to ensure that all cost drivers are included in the process.


  • 1.  Insights into overall plan capacity and includes backlog and excess capacity
  • 2.  A view into crewing capacity with skills categories
  • 3.  Understanding of tooling capacity
  • 4.  Understanding of assembly hours in a particular cell or bottleneck processes
  • 5.  Overview of testing cell capacity
  • 6.  Understanding of the number of engineering hours needed to configure the final product to customer’s specifications
  • 7.  Overview of internal & external warehouse space and freight requirements
  • 8.  Insight into supplier demand
  • 9.  Understanding of additional cost drivers
  • 10.  Filters to navigate between lines, product families, production parameters and customers
  • 11.  Work order quantity adjustment
  • 12.  Scenario saving
  • 13.  KPI guidance and material requirement planning