Prophit AutoStock = Advanced Replenishment  Optimisation


Prophit AutoStock  helps your inventory management to identify and execute the optimum inventory and replenishment purchasing and warehousing in order to free up valuable operating capital.


Prophit Autostock is an Inventory Planning software solution designed for warehousing & distribution businesses. It is intuitive to use and affordable for any sized business. It is a full-featured inventory planning software solution that is deployable the way you want, either On-Premise or cloud.

The advanced demand planning capabilities speeds the forecasting process and provides statistical forecasting for use by users of any experience level to improve accuracy. The visual planning board automates replenishment and enables the user to reduce inventory while confidently maintaining your desired service levels. Prophit Autostock delivers an ROI in months.



Demand Planning

  • Automated predictive algorithms forecast your future requirements
  • Demand sensing and volatility signals draw your attention to rapidly changing demand
  • Graphical user interface allows easy interpretation of statistics with full manual over-ride
  • Product supersession and corrected history capabilities simplify the management of abnormal events


  • Confidence intervals and volatility signals are used to dynamically adjust required stock levels
  • All inventory is visible by location, cost, days cover, selling units and storage units for current and future periods
  • Graphical user interface gives easy navigation with drill down for precise execution and KPI guidance to reduce excess stock
  • Exception management traffic lights and tools draws the planners attention to those items requiring attention
  • Raw materials containerised by vendor and source location to dramatically reduce freight bill
  • Displaying all potential constraints during planning including warehouse space, pick and receive load and purchasing spend
  • Configurable to implement your preferred replenishment strategy


  • Category management can be passed from your business system or maintained locally for complete control of slice and dice capability
  • ABC analysis is quantified and recommendation made based on value, volume and volatility
  • Predictive usage trends can be published by vendor or category to simplify the tender process
  • Projected service levels, stock value and warehouse space can be easily reported for management decisions
  • Planned purchase orders passed back to your ERP or emailed directly to vendor for immediate action


Automated Demand Management

Autostock forecasting gives you automated statistical forecasting with full manual over ride capability. Default Information is up to 5 years of sales history for predictive forecasting and 2 years forward horizon. The visual display indicates the statistical algorithm chosen with KPI guidance

Inventory Optimization

The MRP/DR engine optimizes your stock, minimising your inventory to meet your chosen service level requirements. The visual planning board with forward stock projections provides early exception warning and easy management supported by KPI guidance. This can be completed with all constraints considered, warehouse space, pick and receive load and purchasing spend.

Replenishment Plan Reporting

A major benefit of an automated planning system is to reduce the time required in developing a plan. Our reporting module is designed so your staff can plan to reduce costs. It highlights and simplifies the changing of the planning parameters to reflect your changes in product mix. The automated decisions will remain relevant and ensure that your freight and inventory costs are optimised.